January 18, 2021
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Mike Huckabee: Dems should not ‘misjudge’ Biden’s polling lead over Trump – Fox News

Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee said on Tuesday that Democrats should not “misjudge” presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s polling lead over President Trump.
“Four years ago, the president wasn’t doing well either and a lot of the people running for Congress and the Senate ran away from him and some of them lost their elections because they disassociated themselves. The ones who stuck with him tended to do OK,” the former Arkansas governor told “America’s Newsroom.”
“I’m not saying that there is not a need for the president to do a laser focus on the things that really matter to the people that he is the champion for. But, to say that the election is over is like saying that after three-quarters of play, the game is over, so let’s go ahead and go into the locker room.”
Meanwhile, the presumptive Democratic nominee tops Trump by 8.8 percentage points in an average of the latest national polls compiled by Real Clear Politics. More importantly, Biden enjoys single-digit advantages over the president in most of the states where the race for the White House will likely be won.
The president has repeatedly pilloried the polls as “fake” and touted, “I am getting VERY GOOD internal Polling Numbers.”
And the Trump reelection campaign argued in a memo Sunday that “Public Polling Methodology is Cheaper and Flawed.” They’ve repeatedly charged that the surveys undersample Republican voters.
Huckabee said Democrats are misjudging the current standing of the two presidential candidates and “hopes” they continue to. Huckabee also said the election boils down to the specificity of the two candidates’ policy ideas.
“Because, if they do, they’re going to wake up on the day after the election in November and wonder what happened just like they did four years ago,” Huckabee said.
“When people get right down to it, they’ve got a big decision to make. It’s not about the personality of Donald Trump, it is about his policies and I just don’t believe that well-educated people think that anarchy is a policy we want to embrace. I just don’t think well-educated, thoughtful people believe that if we raise taxes and over-regulate business again and make it harder for small businesses to function, that that’s going to be great for the economy.”

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